Specialized Service Crews

We want you to think of us when you need help taking over market share. Whether you need help now in areas that are hard to staff, or when commodity pricing climbs and workloads increase, let us respond. Our service is simple, we have the best talent in the market to support your service and product lines.

We staff you 79% faster than doing it on your own. We can staff all hard assignments from experienced stimulation crews, to mud engineers, to cement operators, we are the best for it all.

We have national pricing and a current MSA setup. Using our service cannot be any easier.

  • Contact us with job assignment details
  • Set the scope of the work
  • Minimal commitments
  • Receive the help you need within days
  • When your staffing requirements have been met, we will make the necessary service adjustments immediately

What do you gain from partnering with Crown?
  • Competence in the field
  • Capabilities to meet your customers expectation
  • Contribution to great onsite safety results
  • Flexibility to focus on your goals and path to success

With any of our services you will be guaranteed personal service with transparent service quality metrics available at any time. We schedule and handle all of the logistics involved to meet your parameters for no charge.

Want to know more? We can send you a case study or a list of internal references. We have a proven record with many colleagues in your organization and feel that our services are right for you too. We proudly share all referrals, and recommend one of our Logistics Experts meet with you on location.

  • Experts for rigging up or down
  • Sand conveyor operators
  • Fluid end maintenance
  • Transporting equipment
  • Pump operators
  • Ground supervisor
  • Blender operators