We're a family-owned business in your community

We're a small business, not one of the faceless, corporate oil and gas equipment suppliers. We know our employees and their families personally. Working in the oil and gas industry is challenging, so we strive to make our employees' lives as comfortable as possible. Our open-door policy encourages our workers to talk to us about their needs. And we listen.

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Work for an oil field equipment supplier

Looking for a rewarding career in the oil industry? Crown Supply Company of Grand Junction, Co provides intense, exciting work in specialized field services with a competitive benefits package. When hired, you'll complete job training, certification and safety courses at our headquarters in Grand Junction. Once you're on the job, you'll benefit from weekly training and face-to-face conversations about the oil industry.

Not ready to move to Grand Junction, Colorado? Unlike other oil and gas equipment suppliers, Crown Supply Company won't uproot you. We'll cover the cost of your flights and other travel expenses so you can live where you want. We'll even provide housing when you work away from home. You'll work two weeks on and one week off, giving you plenty of time to spend with your family.

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Do you have the dedication it takes to work for Crown Supply Company?

Specialized Service Crews

Does your business need specialized oil field services? Our crews can help you complete your job quickly and safely.


We put safety first by fostering a culture that values our workers' well-being, implementing strategies to improve workplace behavior and providing continuous training.

Float Equipment

No drilling component is more important to a successful operation than float equipment.

Casing Accessories

Casing accessories make cementing and running casing safe and simple.

Searching for Oil and Gas Equipment Suppliers?

Our headquarters in Grand Junction, CO has everything you need

Crown Supply Company is a family-owned oil field equipment supplier located in Grand Junction, Colorado. We've been operating since 2002 and have over 36 years of combined experience. If you need a crew to help you install or use our oil and gas equipment, we can provide that, too.

We supply multiple services to businesses in the oil and gas industries. Our top services are:

Fracking: Our specialized field services crews can complete your fracking project.
Coil tubing: As an oil field equipment supplier, we provide high-quality coiled tubing to the oil and gas industries.
Cement: We help prevent casing failure by performing successful cementing jobs.

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