With five versions available for all standard casing sizes, Antelope is a premier supplier of high-quality mechanical stop collars. Whether your application merits hinged or slip-on collars, we provide the means to keep centralizers and other casing attachments securely locked in place.

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200 Series – Hinged, Friction Grip Stop Collar

The 200 features a hinged design that allows for easy installation anywhere on the casing. The positive holding action of the draw bolt tightening mechanism provides strong grip without damaging the casing. The 200 is recommended for use with all standard casing grades.


202 Series – Hinged Set Screw Stop Collar

On this stop collar, the draw bolt of the 200 Series is replaced by set screws for even greater holding force, while the hinged design allows for the same simple installation. The 202 is recommended for use on all casing grades up to P110.


204 Series – Hinged, “Fasgrip” Stop Collar

The strong holding force of the “Fasgrip” stop collar comes from specially designed hardened inserts that bite into the casing when tightened. We recommend the 204 Series for casing grades P110 and below.


212 Series – Slip-On, Set Screw Stop Collar

Like the 202 Series, the 212 Stop Collar tightens via set screws but is built in a slip-on style. Thanks to its small outside diameter, the 212 is ideal for casing running situations where space is limited. It is recommended for casing grades P110 and below.


222 Series – Slip-On, Set Screw Stop Collar with Beveled Edge

Our second slip-on style stop collar, the 222 Series incorporates a bevel on the leading edge of the collar. This design enables it to smoothly pass through rough-cut windows and other restrictive formations. We recommend the 222 Series for use on all casing grades up to P110.


230 Series – Slip-­on, Set Screw Rigid Stop Collar

For wellbores where the casing is to be rotated, the 230 Series acts as a bearing and greatly reduces the torque needed to rotate the casing by reducing the area of casing against the wall. It brings significant bonding improvement in primary cementing, reducing drilling and completion costs.


230B Series – Slip-­on, Set Screw Rigid Stop Collar with Beveled Edge

The 230B Series is identical to the 230 except for the addition of a beveled edge, which helps fix the centralizer in place and guides the casing away from obstructions.


230H Series – Slip­-on, Set Screw, Heavy Duty Stop Collar

This stop collar is made with the same patented multiple set screw configuration as the 230 Series and provides the same holding power. The 230H is the heavy-duty version of the 212 Series.