Our 900 Series of cement baskets and accessories features three primary styles in both slip-on and hinged configurations. Flexible enough to be run on casing or liners and strong enough to protect weak formations from intense hydrostatic pressure, the 900 Series is made to support the upper cement column during cementing operations.

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910 Series – Slip-On, Metal Petal Cement Basket

With tough, convex metal petals welded to one end of the collar and strong, flexible steel bows, the slip-on-style 910 is built to stand up under the heaviest columns, without sacrificing adaptability. The 910 Series can expand or contract as needed and can be rotated or reciprocated. We offer this cement basket in all standard casing/hole sizes.


912 Series – Slip-On, Canvas Cement Basket

Our other slip-on style basket, the 912 features heavy-duty canvas liners riveted to flexible steel staves mounted on a steel ring. Although sizes are available for all standard casing sizes, the 912 Series is designed to optimize conformance to the borehole and can accommodate especially large hole sizes.


915 Series – Wide Blade, Slip-On, Cement Basket

Made for a casing string with a larger than average annulus, the 915 Series features a wide blade and helps reduce hydrostatic fluid column above a loss zone or weak formation. It is typically installed by using a 212 Series stop collar inside the basket.


919 Series – Slip-On, Welded, Logging Tool Centralizer with Set Screws

For enhanced gripping strength, the 919 Series adds evenly spaced integral set screws for powerful logging tool centralization. It is available for tool sizes with outside diameters 2-3/8” – 3-1/2”.


96X Series – Hinged, Welded, Spiral Bow Spring Tubing Centralizer

Available in both right hand and left hand versions, the 96X Series can be used in most types of well designs, completions and re-completions. It is designed for smaller casing strings up to 3-1/2” in diameter.