Offering easy installation and excellent casing centralization for vertical, deviated and horizontal wells, Antelope’s hinged non-welded bow spring centralizers are available for all standard casing/hole sizes. The imperial bow spring design of the 800 Line provides strong restoring forces while keeping the starting and running forces at a minimum. Our high-quality centralizers also reduce the effects of channeling by improving the cement flow, creating a more uniform thickness between the casing and wellbore.

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800 Series – Hinged, Non-Weld, Bow Spring Centralizer

The 800 Series features straight, non-welded bow springs that are attached with rivets onto the hinged end collars. Normally run over a stop collar or coupling, this centralizer uses hinge pins to secure the hinged designed end collars together around the casing.

805 Series – Hinged, Non-Weld, Positive Bar Centralizer

The 805 employs straight formed positive bars that are attached using rivets onto the hinged end collars. Like the 800 Series, steel hinge pins are used to firmly attach the collars to the casing.


800 Series – Hinged, Non-Weld, Bow Spring Centralizer with Turbo Fins

This centralizer consists of straight, non-welded bow springs with the addition of spot-welded turbo fins that are attached with rivets onto the hinged end collars. The turbo fins induce a spiral flow pattern to cement slurry and assist in the removal of mud cake, and help reduce channeling during cementing operations.


880 Series – Hinged, Non­-Welded, Dual Contact Bow Spring Centralizer

The 880 is the non-welded version of the 780 Series dual contact bow spring centralizer. The double bow design makes it ideal for small-clearance situations.